Hats off to this cat

I read an article in the Daily Mail last week that inspired me with the bravery and courage shown to write this short piece.  A tiny wildcat took on 4 lionesses in a wildlife park in South Africa after they ganged up on the creature reportedly 30 times smaller than themselves.  Unfortunately the wildcat ended up the worse off paying with its’ life, but that didn’t stop him from getting a good scratch to the face before his inevitable end.


Images sourced from the Daily Mail


ImageA wildcat is approached by a lioness in a wildlife park South Africa


Image3 more lionesses surround the wildcat


ImageThe wildcat snarls and hisses at lionesses putting up a tremendous display of courage


ImageThe wildcat gets a scratch in across the face of the lioness


The sheer bravery this cat showed is an example to how we should be when doing karate or any other martial art for that matter.  In this “game”; bravery and determination is half the battle.  If we don’t believe in ourselves and make it easy for our opponents before we start then we may as well not show up at all.  It is important for us to not give up and to fight to the bitter end.  If we fail ourselves in this respect and don’t have the confidence to not go down without a fight, then how can we expect anybody else to respect us come the end.  As sensei Ronnie Christopher so correctly puts it:  “It’s you or me, and it’s not going to be me!”


Full story can be found here (opens in new window)



      1. He knows a whole lot about a lot of animals. =) Even the prehistoric megadon and floradon. Thanks for the follow, MC. Good to see you dive in and support the Race; it’s been amazing.

        Diana =)


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