Never give up 

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted but an old friend of mine who got in to karate roughly 2 years ago has reminded me of something so important that I’ve had to write about it.   You see a lot of us will have watched the karate kid back in the day and had grandures of being the next Mr. Miyagi. I too was one of those kids and although trying my best I never made it.  You see to be good at karate or any martial art you need to not only be naturally talented but you also need to work hard too.

I will always remember my Dad’s words when he spoke about boxers. . He said the best ones were the naturally talented and also trained hard   As an example for this I’d say Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis.  Both naturally gifted and hard workers.   Then you get your boxers who werent naturally talented but worked hard at their craft like Frank Bruno. Thie bloke was never as naturally gifted as the two forementioned but he wanted it so bad and suçceeded. I remember watching him as a child winning on points and holding on tactically in the last round against Oliver Mccall. 

A good friend of mine and I don’t think he’d hold it against me for saying this is basically past his peak in the karate World  He’s started karate very late and it will be hard for him to gain the benefits as if he were to take it on as a child.  One thing I will say for him though is that he is a grafter and a hard worker.   If anyone can prove to you that it’s never to late then it’s him 

All I want to say to anybody  that may come across my blog is this. .. Do your best and nobody can ask anymore from you than that.   Win or lose it DOES NOT MATTER.  If you finish your kumite or kata and lose to your opponent then hold your head high.   All you can do is your best and as long as you’ve done the best that you can do then nobody can take that away from you. If you get the oppotunity to spa with somebody better than you then grab it with both hands,  do not be afraid. If they are better than you then they will improve you.  You have nothing to lose and the pressure will be on them. 

A final word : You can only be the best you can be. Win or lose at the end if you can hold your head high and say i couldn’t have done anymore then that will always be a win. 

Forget everybody else , just work on making yourself a little bit better than you were the day before.

With you all. 


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