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Kanji characters for the term Kumite

Kanji characters for the term Kumite

Kumite translated literally means grappling hands and forms one of the three integral parts of karate.

From novice up to black belt; Different types of kumite techniques are learned and tested from Gohon Kumite (5 step sparring) up to Jiyu kumite (free style fighting). The reason for these small incremental changes are to ensure that techniques can be learnt correctly. Hip movement and body position must be utilised in order to develop strong, powerful techniques. The below videos will eventually show all examples of kumite learnt from novice up to black belt level and beyond.


Gohon Kumite

5 Step sparring: Jodan and Chudan punches on right side.


Ippon Kumite

1 Step sparring: Jodan, Chudan, Mae geri, Yoko geri, Mawashi geri on right side.

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