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Here’s a selection of some of our favourite karate videos sourced from youtube:



Thinking about starting to enter competitions? Want to know what all that Japanese means? Take a look at the video below and familiarise yourself first!



Randolph Williams was a 6th Dan instructor at the Leeds karate academy and sadly passed away in 2012 of lung cancer.  He was an extremely talented kumite fighter and friends in the karate world have described him as being a genuinely nice person.  He won several accolades during his karate career and was on the England squad team that beat Japan in the World Championship finals in Sunderland 1990.  His inspiration lives on in many others.  Osu



Another hard kumite fighter Elwyn Hall uploaded by Ged Moran.  Very good ability and a pleasure to watch.  This is very much “old skool” Shotokan kumite at its’ best.



On a lighter note here’s Matthew Price in the ultimate bring Sally up challenge.  An extremely good martial artist and a pleasure to watch.  I’ve been fortunate to see  him at many KUGB national competitions a number of years ago.  Probably a little fortunate being in the junior categories whilst he was destroying opponents!



Time for a previous instructor of mine, Greg Hegarty (5th Dan) performing at the KUGB Central Regions 2014 making it look effortless.  Congratulations Sensei.



Here’s Matt Price again with a very nice double leg ashi barai sweep.  Thank you kindly sensei for uploading this for me to use. Osu!




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