Shotokan Karate Training are pleased to team up with Jesse Enkamp to supply high quality Seishin International Gi’s and belts right to your door. Seishin means spirit in Japanese and this is what they are all about. Seishin International are the World’s first and only crowd sourced and funded karate gi encorporating Japanese design fit for Western karateka.




Image of Seishin logo on Gi

So what makes Seishin so special?

Two years of research and development

A gi made for the people by listening to the people

Multi purpose gi suitable for all kinds of training

Stunning looks

Endorsed by Hasegawa Yukimitsu (7 x World Karate Champion: Japanese National Team)


Image of WKF Approved


Click to View


Clickable Image of Seishin Karate Gi





Original Seishin Karate Gi


Clickable Image to view Double Belts in Cotton and Satin




Double red (aka) and blue (ao) belt available in cotton or satin






So what are you waiting for?  Christmas is around the corner.  Get your loved ones something that will  last on their karate journey for many years to come.  Buy in confidence with Free shipping, safe returns and secure fast payment.


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